zero point energy

I should note early on here what the focus of this site is. The name and tagline sort of give an idea of it, but i want to tear down as many barriers as possible.

While I’m not one of those crude oil believers, it is rational and prudent to presume that fossil fuels will eventually run out. At worst, we act on that basis, find new sources of energy, fossil fuels don’t run out, and then it’s a great big ’so what’ – we have better, cleaner, cheaper energy sources, and the oil can just molder in the sand!

"Zero Point Energy" is extremely interesting and the most promising, so it is Orgone Energy, also called Life Energy or Chi. Related to "Zero Point Energy" is Scalar energy and Tachyon energy.

Free Energy - Pentagon Conspiracy

Nikola Tesla Lab
Dr. Nikola Tesla lab

Future Energy Sources

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