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I should note early on here what the focus of this site is. The name and tagline sort of give an idea of it, but i want to tear down as many barriers as possible.

While I’m not one of those crude oil believers, it is rational and prudent to presume that fossil fuels will eventually run out. At worst, we act on that basis, find new sources of energy, fossil fuels don’t run out, and then it’s a great big ’so what’ – we have better, cleaner, cheaper energy sources, and the oil can just molder in the sand!

"Zero Point Energy" is extremely interesting and the most promising, so it is Orgone Energy, also called Life Energy or Chi. Related to "Zero Point Energy" is Scalar energy and Tachyon energy.

Free Energy - Pentagon Conspiracy

Nikola Tesla Lab
Dr. Nikola Tesla lab

Future Energy Sources

  • Missouri's energy future explored - Lake Expo
    Missouri's energy future exploredLake Expo“We're also looking at economic development, job growth (and) environmental protection to assure Missouri's energy future,” he said. Northwest officials suggested some of the university's own sustainability initiatives may offer role models for the state.
  • A conversation with the U.S. Energy Secretary on energy innovation and the Valley’s role
    A year and a half after taking the lead at the Department of Energy, Ernie Moniz reflects on changes to the loan programs, and how the government and Silicon Valley can fund energy innovation.
  • 3 Top-Ranked Energy Funds Set to Outperform Peers
    Mutual funds are a superior option for forays into the energy industry as they reduce risks involved by holding widely diversified portfolios.
  • SunCoke Energy, Inc. Declares First Cash Dividend
    Today, SunCoke Energy, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors declared a cash dividend of $0.0585 per share of the Company’s common stock to be paid November 28, 2014 to stockholders of record at the close of business on November 14, 2014.
  • New Poll Reveals Concern Over Proposed EPA Power Plant Regulations
    Polling data released today by the Partnership for a Better Energy Future (PBEF), a coalition of 175 members representing nearly every segment of the U.S. economy, finds that Americans have major concerns about the EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations and are unwilling to pay even a dollar more for energy in exchange for these new […]
  • Energy Future Says Oncor Bids May Be Higher Than Expected
    Energy Future Holdings Corp.’s finance chief, facing creditor ire over auction plans for the company’s Oncor unit, said bids could come in higher than expected if potential buyers devise tax-free structures or pursue strategic goals in Texas.
  • Energy Future Says Oncor Bids May Be Higher Than Expected - Bloomberg
    Energy Future Says Oncor Bids May Be Higher Than ExpectedBloombergChief Financial Officer Paul Keglevic defended Energy Future's sale proposal at a bankruptcy court hearing this week in Wilmington, Delaware, saying a bid floated by NextEra (NEE) Energy Inc. in July, which he valued at around $18 billion, “surprised” him.and more »